Fix Your News

So the Washington Post did a scathing hit piece today, basically trying to speak for all Americans and say that Hillary Clinton’s e-mail scandal isn’t news and should be ignored. I know thousands of people who would disagree.

Entitled to Your Opinion

Opinion/Editorial pieces (op/eds) have been around as long as newspapers themselves. And I do think there’s a place for them. But the blatant pro-Clinton propaganda in that piece is just taking it too far.

If we’re going to ignore the e-mails, let’s “stfu” about Trump’s taxes, Gary Johnson’s Aleppo gaffe, Jill Stein’s vandalism stunt, and anything else that’s happening right now. I mean, if lies and corruption don’t matter, what does?

Endorse This

Pick your poison

And that brings us to the newspaper endorsement itself. It’s no secret that the Washington Post is in the bag for Clinton, just as FOX News is Trump’s biggest cheerleader, and media outlets all across the country have already publicly chosen sides.

The problem with that is, journalists take classes and seminars on ethics and neutrality, and many pride themselves on being subjective in their reporting. Of course, that number is rapidly shrinking.

That’s saying nothing about the fact that newspaper endorsements don’t mean a damn thing. Whose opinion was actually swayed because they learned their local rag was backing one candidate over another?

Where Have All the Journalists Gone?

The news — whether print, TV, or online — should be a mirror of the world. It should reflect the actual facts and happenings at the time. Another cliché would be that media reports should be like an untouched snapshot — accurately showing the “real” picture.

It’s clear this favoritism, cronyism, and half-assed “journalism” has become the norm, and that the “good ol’ days” of media integrity and morality are long gone. And that’s something we should all mourn.

by Frank Calling
News Editor
Gaseoustania Tonight


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  1. Keeping It Real 2016 September 9, 2016 — 11:21 am

    Surely, the irony here hasn’t been lost on you. Your clear bias is showing. Or, to use the cliches you love so much “people who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.”

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