Put Your Head on Straight

You and I are indirectly paying out a lot of money this week. Two lawsuits were settled — doling out millions to the families of victims.

First, the family of Sandra Bland will get $1.9 million from a wrongful death lawsuit. Bland killed herself in a Texas jail after being arrested in July 2015.

The next family to benefit from the taxpayer gravy train is that of Giovanni Lo Porto, who was killed in a U.S. drone airstrike in 2015. Lo Porto was being held hostage by al-Qaeda when their compound on the Afghanistan-Pakistan border was bombed. You and I just made his family rich to the tune of $1.12 million.

“Stuff Happens”

Here’s the thing. I really feel for the families of both of the victims. I do. But why in hell do the taxpayers have to foot the bill?! Why, still, do we keep having these apology lawsuits, instead of using better judgement in the first place? How about people just a) follow the law and b) make better decisions on their own safety so they don’t get into these situations?

I’m just sick and tired of people treating the taxpayers like an ATM. Grow up; start to take responsibility for your own actions; and when things go bad, take it as a hard life lesson. We can’t keep paying people off for being dirtbags.

by Jeremiah Johnson
Gaseoustania Tonight


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