Fine Line

As Danka Leebon recently pointed out, politics is a nasty business. Running for office is likely the most grueling and challenging thing civil servants will ever be subject to. Just compare photos of politicians before and after their terms. Those four to eight years look more like 20 to 30!

Better you than me

Campaigning is, at the core, a form of art. One must simultaneously fire up their base (“Crooked Hillary,” “Basket of Deplorables”), while at the same time taking care not to alienate a large swath of the population you would be serving, should you be elected.

I, and many others I know, would rather do almost anything that have to go through that process. But there exists a group of people who absolutely love most every aspect of campaigning. It takes a special type of crazy to take any pleasure in a process as heartless and demoralizing as this. And these are the psychotics we elect every two and four years!

by Mahogany X
Gaseoustania Tonight


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