Taking Sides

23 Sep

The world today is in shambles. I would venture to say that right now we are at the worst moment in recent history. Perhaps only the Middle Ages was worse than right now, but not by much!

Just look at the clowns we have running for President. And then look at the current President himself! This lunatic created Donald Trump and his criminally-insane minions with his gay/transgender agenda, his Muslim agenda, his Black Lives Matter agenda, and his outright anti-American policies. I can’t wait until this douche is out of office. It can’t come soon enough.

That’s not, mind you, to say his replacement will be any better. I think the only solace here might be that either Hillary or Trump will get us into World War Three within months of either candidate’s first term. In today’s day and age of nuclear weapons, the entire planet will likely be wiped out by Spring 2017. At least then it would be all over and we wouldn’t have to put up with this bullshit any longer.

by Che Zelofan
Gaseoustania Tonight


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