Biggest Loser

No one “won” last night’s U.S. Presidential debate. That much is certain. It was also made painfully clear (again!) that the biggest losers in the 2016 election are the American people themselves.

Worst Show on Earth

Never again

I can count at least four times I nearly turned off the TV in disgust. This spectacle was less a debate and more two angry people talking over each other — sometimes name-calling but always keeping things very angry and uptight.

At no point was there a true discussion about any issues people actually care about. Sure, those subjects may have been breached, but they soon devolved into an infomercial for Trump’s real estate properties, or a shout out to Bill Clinton’s presidency.

Not once did either candidate give concrete examples of how they would solve the very real problems plaguing today’s society, including economic prosperity, healthcare reform, an end to domestic and foreign terrorism, and more.

True Colors

It was not a total wash, however. At least now we know without a doubt what type of President either candidate would be. Trump proved he has no clue of what’s going on or how he would even begin to lead the nation. Clinton proved she has a very detailed plan, that almost surely includes going to war as soon as possible with Syria, Russia, and maybe even Iran.

Pushover at the Desk

And then there was moderator Lester Holt’s pathetic performance. The way he allowed himself to continually be interrupted and how he allowed both candidates to repeatedly stray off topic reminded me of a substitute teacher who believes the naughty children when they say they “completed that assignment yesterday.” No control whatsoever, and that lost him a great deal of integrity in my eyes.

Second Chance

I truly hope lessons learned from this disaster of a debate will translate to a better second showing. We need a moderator who can take charge, time limits need to be honored and microphones cut off if they aren’t, and let’s try to actually talk about issues people actually care about, instead of this childish back-and-forth name-calling and ego-stroking.

by Mayelynne Uspo
Gaseoustania Tonight


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