Open Letter to the Editor and the Citizens of the United States

I am sore-sick at this writing, thinking of the dismal future of this great country should Hillary Clinton be elected. Hillary is so corrupt, Mr. Trump could win the next debate in his sleep. But he has to take the kid gloves off and be relentless in raising her countless scandals and failures.


Violence in our streets is rampant. The world sees us as a joke, especially after Obama’s apology tour.  Mr. Trump is the only one who will put Americans back to work and make the country great again. Hillary is Obama’s third term and, and, as he himself said, “will change nothing.” It would be completely status quo, and no one wants that.


Don’t do it

Hillary has compromised national security, not only with her emails and the Benghazi massacre, but also with her globalist ideas, and her desire to bring in thousands more unvetted refugees and offer a path to citizenship for illegal immigrants.

Illegal activity should never be rewarded. Several in my family have spent years working toward the privilege of entering this country legally and becoming citizens. Through that process, they were forced to go back to their home countries for years at a time. Why should someone who jumped a fence and laid low get a free pass? It is the wrong message to our children, who were taught that breaking the law is not okay and should not be rewarded.

Corrupt to the Core

The Clinton Foundation is the epitome of corruption. Hillary uses it like a personal ATM. Very little of the donations go to actual charity.

The Iran deal was of the worst in history, second only to the disaster of Obamacare.

I am very concerned that, if elected, Hillary will start another war within her first 90 days, either with Russia, Syria, Iran, or all of the above. We don’t need more war. We need to bring our men and women home.

Not my Hero

Hillary is not the champion of women that she likes to think she is. Young girls do not need or want a role model who:

  • “stood by her man” through countless, very public affairs
  • gave her daughter a free ride (lucrative job right out of college), instead of allowing Chelsea to grow as a person, make mistakes, and learn about herself
  • uses the “woman card” at every turn and cries if she doesn’t get her way

I have many “millennial” female friends. They are desperate for a female president, but will not accept Hillary as the first. They view her as an archaic figure from a once male-dominated society — not their voice. She can’t hold this title, which would go down in history.

Left and Right and Left Again

Mr. Trump should relentlessly attack Hillary not only on the e-mail scandal, but also how her cronies made it seem like it was not a big deal. It was and is a huge deal. Anyone else who did what she did would be in jail right now. She needs to be held accountable. This double-standard must cease immediately.

Eyes on U.S.

Not impressed

Making America Great Again means a focus on this country. It doesn’t mean turning our backs on allies, but they need to pull their own weight. We can’t keep bringing in unvetted immigrants from Syria and allowing illegal immigrants to benefit from our programs whilst veterans are homeless on the street, and kids are going hungry. To paraphrase from the Bible, we have to get our own house “in order” before we try to be the world’s policeman or physician.

Grow Up

But above all, Americans are tired of the childish back-and-forth. They want to know how the next President is going to help them and their families. They don’t appreciate being called “deplorables” from another out-of-touch, elitist politician. They don’t want to hear any more personal insults, but rather want to be assured that things are going to get better, that everything will be okay.

Hillary is part of the problem, part of the broken system. There is no way she bring any real change. She only wants to be President because she’s “dreamed about it since I was a little girl” and “it’s my time.” Those are not good reasons to seek the highest office in the land.

I sincerely hope and would humbly suggest that Mr. Trump should focus on how he is the only one who can repair this broken country. He is the only one who can ensure there are brighter days ahead.

by Tuppence “Penny” Piazza
Gaseoustania Tonight

Editor’s Note: Have a rebuttal? Let us know why Hillary Clinton is the best woman for the job. Leave a comment or send us an e-mail. With your permission, we’ll publish your sentiments on Gaseoustania Tonight.


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