Not Her

I really want a female President. My friends and I think it’s way past time for this to happen. It’s not just a gender thing. It represents finally “breaking the glass ceiling,” and getting a shot at the highest office in the land.

Right now, women can do almost anything that men can. They’re CEOs, military leaders, and so much more. It’s time to put a woman in the Oval Office…

Waiting Game

No, thanks

…but not Hillary Clinton. It’s not so much her age, but the fact that she’s been around forever and hasn’t really gotten anything done. She’s sort of been propped up by men her whole career, and that’s not even talking about how she let herself get embarrassed so many times when Bill Clinton couldn’t keep it in his pants.

But the biggest thing I hear when my friends and I talk about politics (which is a lot these days) is that Hillary would just ruin the chances for other women. She’s not the face of the movement that we want, and if she gets in, it’ll be a really long time before another woman is even considered for the position. And that’s really sad.

by Ericka Ng
Gaseoustania Tonight


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