Nanny State

10 Oct

I missed a deadline for Gaseoustania Tonight last week because I happen to live in an area of the country affected by Hurricane Matthew. When our power went out, I wasn’t able to drive to a coffeeshop or anywhere I could get a wifi connection because of a curfew imposed by the local sheriff’s office.

Leave Me Alone


Suck it, officer

Let me be very blunt about this. Storm curfews are un-American and un-Constitutional. I understand these lawmen and women are just trying to cover themselves in case some yahoo goes out and gets himself killed, but to keep me from completing my work is unacceptable.

Further, these are adults you’re talking to, not your children. You have no right to tell us what to do. In this case, tax-paying, God-fearing citizens were forced to endure what amounts a 31-hour illegal house arrest.

Come At Me, Bro

I did end up breaking the curfew the afternoon that the storm passed. The threat was gone, and I was tired of being cooped inside. I saw a couple patrol cars, but no one stopped me. Part of me wishes they would have! I’d have loved to sue the hell out of the department for wrongful arrest, kidnapping, and false imprisonment.

And before any of you try to get on your high horses, you can save it. I’m a grown-ass woman, and I don’t need anyone, I won’t stand for anyone telling me when I can and can’t leave my own house.

by Nora Mai
Gaseoustania Tonight


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