You Tell ‘Em, Joe!

You must have heard of ol’ Sheriff Joe Arpaio. It’s pretty hard not to these days. The Arizona lawman who became famous for his “unconventional” tactics like forcing jail inmates to wear pink and sleep outside in the heat is making headlines again, this time for violating a judge’s orders to stop immigration patrols on the border.

Secure the Border

Sheriff Joe don’t take no shit

Officials say it’s illegal to “profile” people trying to cross the border. What? The only people trying to get in are illegals! I’m not racist; I have no problems with anyone who obeys the law. But to say that you can’t stop people who are Mexican from illegally crossing the border from Mexico is basically saying that you can’t enforce the law in Arizona anymore! It’s not like U.S. citizens are scrambling to get into Mexico illegally!

That’s like saying movie theatre ushers can’t stop people wearing overly bulky clothes on a hot day because it unfairly profiles them as people who might be trying to smuggle in food. They are! That’s the whole goddam point!

Free for All

Why do we even have laws anymore in this country? Let’s just let everyone in, unvetted, and let them kill everyone in sight. After we make all drugs legal, and lift every other law, people will be too busy shooting up, smashing their cars, and fondling little kids to even care! I can’t wait!

by Bartt Zarb
Gaseoustania Tonight


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