Can’t Have It Both Ways

Hillary is really a trip. She rides on her husband’s and Obama’s coat-tails, and then gets all pissy when someone talks about them.

“My husband’s not running for President.”
“I am not Barack Obama.”

Yeah, but you have no problem using them to your benefit! Skank.

Show Me the Change

The thing is, she’s nothing like either one of them politically, and definitely lacks their energy. In so many words, she’s even admitted to this herself!

The one thing she’s right about, though, is that people don’t care about what happened when Slick Willy was President, and they desperately want to forget about all the crap Barry started. They want to know how we’re going to move forward as a nation. Hillary would do best to focus on that, to really go in-depth about what she brings to the table, and not try to take credit for other people’s success.

by Elisabeth Elston
Gaseoustania Tonight


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