No More Years!

There’s nothing wrong with a one-term President. Everyone these days seems to think it signifies some sort of failure. Sure, if you run for re-election and lose, that might be seen as the voters sending a message, but to serve one really great term and then quit is nothing to sneeze at.

Every Four

“Napoleon of the Stump”

Politicians and voters need to realize that the office is a four-year appointment, not eight. The other day, I heard someone mention “eight years,” as if re-election was a given. It’s true that the most recent Presidents (Obama, W., Bill Clinton) were two-termers, but earning the privilege of another term is not a guarantee.

Change Takes Time

And before anyone makes the point, let me beat you to it. I also understand that eight years is helpful when you want to make lasting changes to the political landscape. But first of all, if the next President is from the other party, it’s highly likely they’ll make moves to turn back all the progress you made.

“Can Do” Jimmy

And then there’s James K. Polk. The main reason he didn’t run for re-election is because he got sick and actually died shortly after serving his term. But while he was in office, our 11th President accomplished a lot. Look it up. He was really amazing.

The whole point is that you can be a really effective and virtuous leader in “only” four years. This business of just taking for granted two terms has to stop.

by Rita Gladner
Gaseoustania Tonight


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