Sleeping with the Enemy

14 Oct

Obama can’t wait for Hillary to get in, ‘cause he knows she’s going to continue to let unvetted Muslim immigrants into this country. She wants to increase the number of refugees by 550%! Insane!

But the really scary thing is why they want these violence-minded Syrians in the country in the first place. Obama has been working on this secret religious war for years now. He know all these Muslims will eventually get elected to local and state offices, where they can change the laws of the land from the inside. Then we’re really in trouble! And like Trump said, at that point, there’s “nothing we can do about it.”

This will be the last non-Muslim election in the United States. I just know it. Get used to it, people. We now live in a Muslim nation.

by Jeremiah Johnson
Gaseoustania Tonight


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