Take a Rest

14 Oct

More and more stores and malls are closing on Thanksgiving this year, giving their employees a much needed day off. I think it’s great.

Changing Times

Black Friday isn’t near what it was. Now that everything’s available online 24/7, it’s no longer “fun” to be out in the wee hours. Also, there’s a really good chance you’ll trampled to death while waiting in line for that big screen TV.

Take a Load Off


Not this year

Plus, every worker needs a break. I get that you have to be prepared to work nights and weekends in retail. That’s fine. But family time is just too important to force people to be cater to the few psychotics who absolutely have to shop on Thanksgiving Day.

I’m even a huge advocate to shuttering the stores on Sundays. Not so much for religious reasons, but because that’s a day that should be devoted to rest, time with family, etc. We have to start getting realistic here. Once the time is gone, it’s gone, and you can’t take your stuff with you when you die.

by Emmylou Miladinovich
Gaseoustania Tonight


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