Cross My Heart

17 Oct

When you’re a little kid and you lie, adults usually give you an “out” — an opportunity to make things right. “Are you really sure that’s what happened?” Although some kids take the out, most don’t. I’m sure Hillary Clinton is very proud of them.

Pinocchio Power

clinton-memeYou know what? Like Bernie Sanders said, most Americans are “tired of hearing about your damn emails.” But what we do care about is choosing a leader who’ll own her mistakes, not try to brush everything under the rug.

We’ve all screwed up. Sometimes royally. It happens. But the main reason between a “lesson” moment and a sociopath is fessing up to the wrong, learning from it, and taking steps to make sure it won’t happen again. And one of those steps isn’t just making sure you don’t get caught next time.

Prove It

And so we get back to the little kids who, in a desperate attempt to make you believe their fantasy stories, keep changing details. They stare at you while talking, trying to see if you’re buying their bullshit or not. Take a close look at Hillary the next she’s time she’s talking. It’s more than casual eye contact she’s making; she’s trying to gauge how much longer she needs to lie before you’ll either give up, or finally take the bait.

And she’s been doing this for her whole life. Nothing’s going to change now, believe you me. So now we can look forward to four years of massive screw-ups, outright lies, and people being thrown under the bus left and right to cover up for her colossal inability to do anything right. Yay for us.

by Angel “Boz” Terwilliger
Gaseoustania Tonight


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