Despite mountains of evidence to the contrary, Donald Trump has been quite vocal lately about his assertion that the upcoming elections will be “rigged.” The scary part is that he’s right, just not in the way his supporters think.

The Fix is In

The greatest actors of our time

I truly believe this whole election process has been pre-decided from the start, and that Republicans have been the main characters in ensuring we ended up where we are now. How else can you explain that a field of 15 qualified Republican candidates — many with near-spotless track records and years of experience, and some with major name recognition — were somehow steamrolled by a crass, unpolished, out-of-touch newbie who clearly has very little concept of even the most basic of policy realities?

No, I think Republicans have already conceded this election, not so much in favor of Hillary Clinton, but because they tapped in early on to the anger from both sides of the aisle surrounding the current political landscape.

If a Republican wins now, they’ll be under the microscope to fix the current troubles plaguing the country. But if they wait four more years, they can paint their candidate as a champion of change, and promise hope to a then beaten down and disenfranchised voter base.

Crazy Like a Fox

Republican leadership knew early on that Hillary Clinton was going to be nominee. Bernie fought a good, clean fight (and I don’t believe there was any foul play amongst the Dems), but the country was ready for a female candidate this election more than ever before.

Republicans learned early on that any of the 15 other candidates who threw their hats in the ring in the primaries were fully capable of waging a solid campaign against Clinton, and fully capable of actually winning. So the question had to be raised: who is the only person in the world who could actually lose to Hillary? Enter Mr. Trump.

Candid Camera

Mark my words. This whole thing was little more than a publicity stunt for Trump, maybe for his rumored TV network, maybe for another reality show, maybe just to get people out to his properties. Even if they only came there to throw eggs, there’s a chance they might actually go inside and buy some lunch.

This election has been the biggest fleece-job in the history of politics, and it’s Republicans who have been pulling the strings all along. I just hope Americans remember these heinous tactics when they prepare to cast ballots in 2020.

by Frank Calling
News Editor
Gaseoustania Tonight


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