Not a Game

I cringe whenever I read headlines or hear someone talk about who “won” a political debate. That could not be further from the point!

Debates exist so candidates can publicly discuss the issues and inform the voters on where they stand. We’ve seen none of that this election. Instead, it’s been one big insult fest, and because of that, voters have suffered.

If you were for Trump before the debates, you’re still for him. If you were for Clinton, you’re still for her. And if you’re somehow still undecided, you had better make an arbitrary decision soon, because it’s now crystal clear that none of the candidates are willing to give concrete examples of where they stand on a variety of issues.

If the circus sideshow we’ve witnessed this election is going to become the new norm, we might as well just abandon the political process altogether, and continue with this reality show debacle. The democratic process is serious business, not entertainment. Sadly, with this election, it’s hard to tell the difference.

by Voulghar Imalessé
Gaseoustania Tonight


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