Better Than the Alternative

When out and about, chatting with various people, I’m concerned at what I’ve observed as a recent trend: the only argument for Hillary Clinton seems to be that “at least she’s not Donald Trump.”

Trump’s a psychotic, I’ll give you that. Rather than making America “great again,” he’d send us back to the Dark Ages within the first 100 days. But, as people have asserted all along in this crazy election, “the lesser of two evils is still evil.”

Talk to Me

Why her?

To her credit, Hillary is starting to give details on her platform and what she’d like to accomplish as President. It’s quite late in the game, but at least we are finally getting some information. And she’s starting to own her controversies, and understand (or at least pretend to) the reasons why so many voters find her dishonest and shady.

But we can’t let our elections devolve into some “I’m not as bad as my opponent” contest. There will always be some mud-slinging, sure. That’s politics. But I think it’s important that candidates give concrete examples and ideas early on about how they’d improve the lot of the electorate, instead of just trying to convince us that, while they may be plenty slimy, they’re not as slimy as the other person.

by Samaris Nuñez
Gaseoustania Tonight


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