I is for Illegal

Every time I get into a conversation with someone about illegal immigration (which, believe me, I’m making sure is less and less these days), I’m always shocked that at no point does anyone bring up the illegal aspect.

Instead, people get on these tirades about how the country was founded by immigrants, and how we’re “stronger together,” and the “melting pot,” and whatever other cliché they can think of at the time. Okay. I get all that. But why are you so bent on defending criminals?

Give Crooks a Break?

If someone robbed you at gunpoint and somehow escaped capture for, say, five years, should they be let off the hook solely because it’s been such a long time since the crime occurred? If you can honestly answer ‘yes,’ you’re a bigger person than me.

House Guest

border-stopNext, try to sneak into any other country and see what happens. Even Canada, where so many people swear they’ll move whenever something doesn’t go their way, has very stringent immigration policies. You can’t just walk in there and say “Oh, well, I’ve been here for so long, and now I have a kid, and we’re working, so why don’t you just let us stay?” Those border agents would send you back to your home country so fast it’d make your head spin!

In Focus

I’m not saying I’m for mass deportation, and I’m definitely not for breaking up families, regardless of the crimes committed. But we have to start understanding and accepting that illegal immigration and legal immigration are not one and the same. Laws exist for a reason. It’s time we start enforcing them.

by Paula Postolpokij
Gaseoustania Tonight


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