Best Actor

I laugh every time I hear someone say Trump isn’t acting “Presidential,” or talk about his many gaffes and scandals. I’m not here to protect the man, but rather to set a few things straight.

Making the Switch

trump-madYes, Trump is unrefined. He doesn’t act or speak like your typical politician. That’s because he’s not and never has been one. Unlike Hillary, Trump didn’t “dream” about being President from a young age. Instead, he did stuff that normal people did, made a few mistakes on the road, and is now having to answer for them.

I’m not saying he should be treated with kid gloves. But a person who doesn’t have their mind on public office every waking moment isn’t going to be as careful as one who understands that every little thing they do or say can and will be used against them when and if they run.

Play the Game

The problem with Trump is that rather than use that fact to his advantage, he continually goes on the defensive and just digs himself deeper. In the last debate, when Hillary made a condescending jab about being Secretary of State while Trump was doing The Apprentice, he got all heated and fired back, when he should have just calmly said: “I was a private citizen at that time. I wasn’t a politician.” Case closed!

World Stage

The bigger problem, of course, is that this country can’t and shouldn’t allow a President to “learn on the job.” Trump would have been much better off trying to become a Senator or some sort of public service before going for the top office. At the very least, he should have gone through some public relations training.

Hillary Clinton will easily win this election not on her own merits, but because her opponent is so far removed from any semblance of any Presidential candidate in the past several decades. Following the disaster that has been the Obama years, most voters just can’t justify again rolling the dice on an unknown.

by Taukswrait Nao
Gaseoustania Tonight


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