Build That Wall

There’s no way the wall is getting built. Not in a physical sense, at least. Mexico won’t pay for it (no, they won’t!), and this country can’t afford it. And that’s not even talking about the underlying reasons for anyone to want a huge border wall in the first place!

Are You Okay?

Learn from the past

Look, I’m no tree-hugger, but I do find it surprising that no one has yet suggested we find out the reason why so many Mexicans are fleeing the country, and putting their lives (and the lives of their families!) on the line in the process. No one’s trying to go the other way. So let’s consider what awaits people after the long trek to the States.

a) plentiful food

b) good paying jobs (compared to Mex.)

c) access to healthcare

d) educational opportunities

e) and so much more

These are things that just don’t exist in many Mexican locales. And that needs to change.

Why Can’t We Be Friends?

Rather than building any walls — literal or figurative — we should instead work to be good neighbors and conscientious partners in ensuring everyone in both countries has an equal shot at getting and staying ahead.

You can call me a globalist, if you want, but I’d rather extend a helping hand to my brothers and sisters south of the border than become an isolationist hermit.

by Gordon T. Elliott
Gaseoustania Tonight


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