Stop It

14 Nov

Last night, during his 60 Minutes interview, President-elect Donald Trump had a message to people who are trying to stir up hate and violence in the wake of the election: “Stop it.” The same thing could be said for people protesting Trump’s election.


Cut the bullshit

Constructive Criticism

Nothing is going to change the outcome of the election. It’s over. Hillary Clinton knows it. Barack Obama knows it. It’s time the protesters know and accept it. I’m not saying we need to be in love with the idea of having a psychotic at the helm for the next four years, but there’s nothing we can do about it.

So now we need to come together as citizens to talk through our differences and work together to fix the problems that have been plaguing this nation.

The bottom line is that Democrats lived through George W. Bush, Republicans lived through Barack Hussein Obama, and we’re all going to live through Donald J. Trump. But unless we finally start to have grown-up, open conversations about the things that affect our daily lives, we’re going to be in the exact same boat every four to eight years.

by Cuesta Benito
Gaseoustania Tonight


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