Foreign Land

15 Nov

Some of the recent demonstrations in protest of the election of Donald Trump have been theoretical rather than physical. Many citizens have renewed their calls for certain states to secede from the United States.

Broken Record

The calls for succession are nothing new. Texas has long threatened to break off from the Union, as well as California, Florida, and countless others. Most people bent on an “exit” soon come to the realization that splitting is not as easy as it sounds.

Good Luck

Any state that breaks from the Union will immediately lose all Federal funding. That means no assistance programs, no infrastructure funds, nothing. Next, any products traveling over the new country’s border will be subject to import/export taxes. Residents will need a passport to come and go, even if that means driving ten minutes to the grocery store that’s now in a foreign country.

What happens if there’s a terror attack in your new country, or if it’s otherwise attacked by another country around the world? You’d better hope you can quickly mobilize an army to respond, because the U.S. no longer has your back.

I understand the frustration of recent weeks, and to a certain extent I can even relate to some of the concerns. But secession is never the answer. Let’s learn that lesson from the past, and be careful what we wish for… we just might get it.

by Yvaneht Debagorski
Gaseoustania Tonight


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