The New Face of Airport Security

9 Jan

In the wake of recent airport violence, there are likely some big changes on the way. I would not be surprised if pretty soon no one without a valid boarding ticket will be allowed inside the airport. Of course, then the terrorists will just buy a ticket. What do they care? They’re going to die anyway.

Criminals Among Us

So then the question becomes, how far out do and can you screen someone? When they’re driving up to the airport? Should we have a checkpoint before you even get on airport grounds? For that matter, maybe we should start scanning vehicles within a certain radius of the place.

I know some people have called for a ban on people with certain demographics. The thing is, there are so many crazy people out there, it would only put a small dent in the violence we’ve seen.


The only real way to curb and prevent these kind of attacks is to treat everyone like a criminal. We need to have metal detectors when you get on and off the plane, and passengers should have to go through another security screening before they are allowed to enter their destination airport.

We need armed guards outside, inside, and all around the airport. Anyone who makes jokes, raises their voice, or otherwise tries to start something should be shoved faced first into the ground immediately. No exceptions, not even kids. If you can’t control your kid, s/he’s going to get a hard lesson in the law.

I’m so tired of this pussy-footing around. It’s time to get serious, time to get real. The only way we’re going to be able to enjoy freedom in this country is to live under the constant fear of an iron hammer falling down upon us. That knowledge will keep us all in check.

by Dragica Farnoush
Gaseoustania Tonight


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