Vigilante Justice

11 Jan

What ever happened to the “good ol’ days” of citizen justice?

Historic Integrity

I’m talking back to Jack Ruby. The guy was an American hero. He wasn’t about to sit back and let some douche off the President of the United States without swift consequence. Knowing the justice system was a joke even back then, he marched right down to the courthouse and pumped Lee Harvey Oswald full of lead. That was a wonderful day. Wish I had been alive to celebrate that day.

Or you can go even further back to the guys who killed John Wilkes Booth. Took ‘em a few days, but they made sure that mofo paid dearly, along with his dirtbag accomplices.

Charleston Shooting

Kid Gloves

Now you’ve got all this civil rights, cruel and unusual punishment, touchy-feely bullshit. So Dylann Roof got death. Big deal! He’ll still be breathing 40 years from now with the way this tree-hugger law enforcement system works! I’d have popped a cap in that hater’s skull before that racist POS knew what was happening. Wish I was at the courthouse that day! Piece of trash.

It’s high time we stop letting criminals rule the roost. You do wrong, you get your ass handed to you in the worst way. You kill someone in cold blood, better enjoy your next breath, ‘cause it’ll be your last. The wheels of justice move too damn slow these days. It’s time to teach these crooks swift, hard lessons they’ll never forget!

by Danka Leebon
Gaseoustania Tonight


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