Lamest Show on Earth

19 Jan

Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey Circus recently announced they are shutting down circus operations after a 146-year run. Good riddance, I say.

Happy Days

Look, the circus had its time and place, but those days have been long-gone for years now. Between TV, the Internet, theme parks, zoos, museums, and everything in between, kids aren’t too stoked about standing in line for hours to see a lame animal act or some freak in a pen.

In fact, even as a kid I didn’t care about the circus. I hated the clowns, hated the acrobats, and hated the fact that the animals were all dressed up in ridiculous costumes.

That’s to say nothing about the rampant animal abuse that’s been uncovered in recent years. These carnies make me sick.


So while I feel bad for the performers who’ll lose their jobs over this, I don’t feel bad about anything else. The circus overstayed its welcome by decades. It will not be missed.

by Jeanne Deaux
Gaseoustania Tonight



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