Come Together

We have become a nation of protesters. From Supreme Court nominees, to Presidential orders, to oil pipelines, to the way our Big Macs are made, we are teaching our kids that throwing tantrums are the way to get what we want.

Speak Up

I’m not suggesting that we sit idly by while measures that will impact our way of lives for decades to come are decided. But, just as in kindergarten when we were encouraged to use our “inside voices,” the country is in dire need of a return to thoughtful discourse and intelligent conversation, instead of ransacking our neighborhoods and threatening violence every time something doesn’t go our way.

Time for Change

Peaceful protest and freedom of speech are the bedrock of our society. The right to publicly oppose even a Presidential decision is inherently American, and one of the many things that make this country the greatest nation on earth. But when these rights are perceived as an excuse to commit anarchy and unrest, we all suffer. It’s high time to re-evaluate how we process the clash of differing opinions. This current childish behavior is certainly not the answer.

My Two Cents
by Peter P. Gaseoustania
Gaseoustania Tonight


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