Feedback Friday

After the Carnage

Dylan Klebold’s mom just did a TED talk about what it’s like to be the mother of a mass murderer. You remember that douche who ‘did’ Columbine? Man, this lady’s really piling it on thick. Guilty conscience getting to you in old age, granny?

She knew something was wrong. Maybe not mass shooting wrong, but she knew. And she didn’t do anything about it. She only waited this long to speak up not out of any “dealing with the pain” issues, but because she knows she can’t be sued, and by this time so many other mass shootings have happened — by the way (as she mentioned herself) using the ‘blueprints’ of her POS dirtbag of a son and that other POS coward.

I have no sympathy for the parents of mass murderers. I hope they suffer for the rest of their lives. The parents of the victims sure will.

— Anonymous | No Location Provided
Feedback Friday on Gaseoustania Tonight

Go Home

Some al-Qaeda leaders are making empty threats again, saying there’s gonna be some violence coming the U.S.’ way. These losers are just trying to stay relevant. I’m not making light of their terrible actions, only saying that many ‘soldiers’ have jumped ship to fight for ISIS, or have gone “lone wolf.” al-Qaeda is yesterday’s news.

— Penelope S. | Franktown, CO
Feedback Friday on Gaseoustania Tonight

Smoke Screen

Another great jobs report. Yeah, how many of these “jobs” are only two and three hours with little pay and no benefits? What about the thousands of people who have stopped looking for work, or the thousands more who are working three and four part-time jobs (completely unrelated to their fields of study) just to make ends meet? I’m so tired of the media and the government leaving out the ‘inconvenient details.’

— Arthur Lane | Poughkeepsie, NY
Feedback Friday on Gaseoustania Tonight


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