Feedback Friday

Immigration Wars

Now that his travel ban got shot down in court, President Trump is between a rock and a hard place. He shouldn’t have ever started this mess in the first place, but now that he has, he’s going to have to press the issue in court and win, or he’ll lose all credibility. He doesn’t have much [credibility] right now, but if the American people see that a circuit court can push the President around, it will be crystal clear that he has no power at all.

— Elsie Ayesham | Barnhill, IL
Feedback Friday on Gaseoustania Tonight

Like a Fox

The fact that word “leaked out” that Trump’s pick for Supreme Court called him ‘reckless’ or whatever, to me smacks of a game. I think Neil Gorsuch and Trump are buddy-buddy, but they’re trying to make it seem otherwise so Gorsuch gets approved. Let’s remember that Trump is a wily businessman first and foremost. We’re getting the wool pulled over our eyes!

— “Sadie Mae” | Oxford, MD
Feedback Friday on Gaseoustania Tonight

Preaching to the Choir

I’m getting a little more than sick of hearing Leah Remini bash Scientology. I’m no lover of the cult, but enough is enough. She’s preaching to the choir here. No one that’s against Scientology is going to be shocked at what she’s saying, and no devout cult member is going to somehow be ‘woken up’ by her stories. I’m not saying any of it is true or untrue, and I know why she’s doing it, but at some point you gotta let it go. When does the line between information and harassment begin, you know?

— Anonymous | No Location Provided
Feedback Friday on Gaseoustania Tonight


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