Feedback Friday

Do Unto Others

Trump has sure been busy helping out his cronies. Like the executive order protecting police from citizen violence. That’s all well and good. I don’t want to see any cops get roughed up. But I also want to see an end to cops getting a free ride when they kill people or beat them senseless.

Police need to go back to being models for the rest of us. The other day some officer went speeding by me, no lights or sirens. He just wanted to go fast. If I did that, I’d get a ticket and be told to “be safe.” It can’t work just one way.

— Lutz K. | San Francisco, CA
Feedback Friday on Gaseoustania Tonight


Everybody wants to help the homeless, but no one wants to have to see people who are down and out. So, the ‘solution’ is always to build shelters way on the outskirts of town. How in hell are people supposed to get there without transportation or money?!

But then if you have it downtown, people complain that they’re getting “harassed” by homeless people. You just can’t win. I’m tired of people trying to use the homeless for political gain.

— ‘Beverly Hillbilly’ | Tyrone, OK
Feedback Friday on Gaseoustania Tonight

Break the Chain

I’m gonna catch some flak for this and I don’t even give a shit. If you have some problem like Down Syndrome or autism or something, you shouldn’t be allowed to procreate. Why keep it alive? This would never happen in the animal world, ‘cause no animal would want to mate with a defective other animal. You might be pissed to read this, but you know I’m right.

— Anonymous | No Location Given
Feedback Friday on Gaseoustania Tonight


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