Why ‘the Wall’ Misses the Point

There has been much talk lately about President Trump’s border wall. The idea was a cornerstone of his campaign. Now, reality has begun to sink in: not only about financing and logistics, but also about the proposed structure’s ability to ebb the flow of illegal immigration from Mexico.

More Than One Way to Skin a Cat

Mr. Trump seems to believe the only illegal immigrants entering this country are coming by land from Mexico. The reality is that, despite ICE efforts, hundreds of people are still arriving from Cuba — walking into Florida undetected. They are crossing the border, undetected, from Canada. And then there are the people who legally enter the country on work and/or student visas, and simply decide not to leave when those visas expire.

No wall required

If Not Over, Then Under

Further, while walls may prevent people from climbing over, unless they are miles deep, the underground tunnel option still exists. Yes, there are tremor gauges and even land mines that could be employed, but it’s hard to believe that would even be considered by any sane lawmaker.

Do Your Job

So, rather than spending billions on structures that will do little to nothing to stop illegal immigration (structures whose maintenance costs alone make the idea a foolish venture), we must focus on agent training and enforcement of the current law — and not only at the border.

Businesses who knowingly hire undocumented workers need to be penalized. Illegal immigrants should not be granted driver’s licenses or be eligible for government assistance programs.

Living in the U.S. is a privilege, not a right. But as it stands now, there is simply no incentive to go through the time and money required to become a U.S. citizen, or even naturalized alien resident. We need to stop making it so easy to live in the shadows, and instead make it harder to go about daily life without legal documentation.

My Two Cents
by Peter P. Gaseoustania
Gaseoustania Tonight


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