Solid State

1 Mar

Wow! Last night’s Presidential address to Congress was the best one ever, and probably the best speech I’ve heard in a long, long time. Trump was on point! But, like usual, the haters had to misinterpret and crap all over his ideas. So let’s check them out, point by point:

The Movement

People wanted a change. Just like they did when Obama was elected. That’s normal. I’ll save for another day the commentary about the need for more than two major political parties (why would you just switch back and forth from one to other?). Instead, the desire for change needs to be acknowledged, and not ignored.


Protecting U.S. Citizens

Again, who can honestly argue that this a bad thing and still call themselves an American? The violence and rampant drug abuse needs to stop. We need to do what’s necessary to bring both to an end. Why would you want to continue to turn a blind eye and pretend that everything’s all honky-dory?


I can’t understand why people still miss the “illegal” in illegal immigration. No one is against immigrants, so long as you are here legally and assimilate. The problem is with the people who willingly decide to break the law to be here in the first place, and then go on to commit violent crime. It has to end.

Why should someone who’s been ‘waiting in line’ to enter the country legally take second burner to someone who jumped a fence or just decided to stay here after their visa expired? Are people honestly saying that’s okay? Absurd!


Refugees and Travel Ban

Refugees and asylum seekers deserve respect and more importantly they deserve a safe place to live. But they have to be screened. That’s the end of it. You can’t just let anyone in without asking questions. No other country in the world does this. The U.S. should not be the exception. Again, I can’t believe there are actually people out there who would rather risk the lives of their family members rather than ensuring people coming here don’t have ill intentions.

Radical Islamic Terrorism

No, saying the phrase doesn’t eliminate ISIS, but discounting the terror group doesn’t either (Obama called them the “JV team). You have to know your enemy if you want to beat them. Islam is not the enemy, never has been. Punks who use religion to promote their violent agenda are, and they need to be eradicated from the face of the earth.



Obamacare is a disaster for most Americans. Unless you were very poor or very unhealthy before, the ACA hasn’t gone a damn good thing for you. It’s only raised rates and prevented a lot of people from getting coverage. No American should be forced into any program, and certainly no one should be forced to have to pay for something they don’t want or need. It’s time to put Obamacare in the trash bin where it’s belonged from the get go.

Whiny Democrats

Finally, the Dems’ plan to look ‘strong in defiance’ of Trump backfired. They looked downright anti-American: never applauding, never reacting, beetling out the back door as soon as the speech was over. They behaved like a bunch of snotty little kids. Voters will remember their childish actions last night. They should be ashamed!!

by Emmylou Miladinovich
Gaseoustania Tonight


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