Feedback Friday

3 Mar

Pants on Fire

I don’t feel bad one bit for Nkechi Amare Diallo — the liar formerly known as Rachel Dolezal. She lied her way into a lucrative position and she got caught. Now she’s complaining about not being able to find a job? ‘Cause you lied!! She is going to have to lower her standards and rebuild trust. Everyone deserves a second chance, but you have to earn it.


Same Old

Who cares about YouTube TV? They still don’t offer any of the good cable channels, and you still have to pay a steep monthly subscription. Also, I’ll bet it won’t be too long before they start to charge to view YouTube videos online. I’m calling it now!


Retail Dinosaurs

JC Penney made their own bed, just like Sears. You have to listen to the consumer and change with the times. Instead, JCP kept doing things like they were done 50 years ago. What good is keeping your “base” customers when they’re dying off?! I don’t feel bad for JCP, but I do feel bad for the people who will lose their jobs because of some ignorant CEO.


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