Feedback Friday

10 Mar

Poor Me

Lottery winners always complain about the “struggles” of dealing with all their new found money, friends and relatives seeking a cut, and on and on, but you never see any of them giving the money back, or donating to charity. It’s a big scam. They want people to think it sucks to win, so those people don’t play, but they can keep on playing and winning, instead. I hate lottery winners. I hope they all go broke and die.


Key Word

Why can no one in this country say “illegal” anymore? I swear, if I read one more headline about the plight of immigrants, or how immigrants are looking over their shoulders these days, I’m going to scream.

Immigrants legally in this country have no reason to be concerned of deportation. But illegal immigrants do, and that’s a great thing. They’re not “undocumented,” they’re criminals and they need to be treated as such. I don’t give a shit if you’ve been in this country for 40 years. It just means you’ve been a crook for 40 years and are just now getting caught. GTFO out of our country!!


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