Different Strokes

13 Mar

I’m so tired of people lumping all Trump supporters into one. Yes, there are some real bigot deadbeats out there, but there are also many intelligent, successful, worldly folks who voted for him. We did so knowing he’s far from perfect and wishing for a better candidate, but knowing — even with his faults — that anyone was a better choice than that warmonger Hillary.


Could have been worse

Buyer’s Remorse

I’ll admit that I’m let down. Not only with the fact that Trump has been breaking all of his campaign promises, but also with myself, for knowing that this would happen and not being able to do a damn thing about it. Accepting four more years of the status quo was just not an option.

Two Months Down

But in his defense, we have to realize that Trump is not some polished politician who’s had years to hide their wily ways. He’s learning and growing as a person and lawmakers. You have to admit that he’s done more (good and bad) in just two months than many Presidents have done in their whole term. That’s saying something.

by Mayelynne Uspo
Gaseoustania Tonight


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