Feedback Friday

Slippery Slope

Now how in hell can anyone actually think Purdue Pharma is responsible for OxyContin abuse? Punishing the company or otherwise putting sanctions on them would set a dangerous precedent.

Can I sue McDonald’s because I’m getting fat eating there three times a day? Can I sue Lowe’s because after buying spray paint there I decided to huff it?

Let’s get real. Addicts will do whatever they must to get their next high. If it’s not OxyContin, they’ll find something else to kill themselves. F— ‘em!!


Protect All Kids

Trans kids matter, sure, but so do non-trans kids. I’m tired of this “x Lives Matter” bullshit. Everyone matters, and everyone needs to share the same space. It’s time to stop singling people out. It’s like Rodney King said: “Can’t we all just get along?”


Pee Here Now

Look, transgender people have been using the bathroom that matches their gender identity for years. You just didn’t know anything about it until recently. In fact, most people never even heard the word ‘transgender’ before last year.

As for your kid getting molested, grow up. If someone really wants to diddle your kid, they’re going to dress up like the opposite sex, walk into the bathroom, molest the shit out of your kid, and be gone before anyone knows what happened. This is just a scare tactic.

Though I will say that I wish people would shut up about the transgender thing already. It just makes actual transgender people look bad and get hated on. Most of this ‘controversy’ is being created by wannabes.


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