Doin’ Life Without Parole

22 Mar

Folks in Orlando, Florida are up in arms after a state attorney there refused to seek the death penalty for an accused cop killer, saying the punishment “has no public safety benefit.”


Accused cop killer Markeith Lloyd

Life or Death

She’s right. The death penalty has been proven to be no deterrent to violent crime. Further, it takes years (even decades) before someone on death row is finally killed — at a huge taxpayer expense. And I seriously doubt most victims’ families find any kind of real healing whether a killer is put to death or gets life without parole. Their relative is still gone.

Do the Crime, Do the Time

Finally, in my opinion, anyone who’s been convicted of murder should have to spend every waking hour of the rest of their lives in a living hell. Life without parole should be the tip of the iceberg. They should have 24/7 confinement, no visitors, no contact with anyone, no joy or simple pleasure of any kind. That’s justice.

by Elisabeth Elston
Gaseoustania Tonight


One Response to “Doin’ Life Without Parole”

  1. Patty 23 Mar 2017 at 9:26 am #

    I agree. It is a horrid situation, but will this guy sitting on death row really make the family happy? Most death sentences are overturned these days, anyway, either by law change or appeal.

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