Give a Man a Fish

22 Mar

They’re proposing a homeless shelter downtown where all meals will be provided, plus showers and laundry, and even “classes.” There’s no cutoff time to come in at night, and people can come and go as they please. Sounds to me like an upscale hotel. Where do I sign up?

The Good Life

Sure, you can’t be drunk or high, but so long as someone can “fake it,” they get the best of everything on the taxpayer’s dime! Plus, it’s close to downtown, so they can panhandle all day long. They’re better off than us working folks!

Look, I’m all for giving people a ‘hand up,’ but this is ridiculous. This type of setup offers no incentive to move ahead. In fact, it encourages others to slack off, lose their homes and cars, and get a nice place downtown. Unreal!

by Dragica Farnoush
Gaseoustania Tonight


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