Feedback Friday

25 Mar

Not Your Father’s Travel

One thing the new TSA rules do is eliminate “annoyances” in the terminal. I’m talking Hare Krishnas, Jesus freaks, deaf people handing out cards, and general psychotics. Good riddance!


Stop Right There

I’m not usually one for the “fake news” bandwagon, but all these new White House fence jumper stories seem like they may have been orchestrated. That second one happened right after the SS failed to stop an intruder for 16 minutes? Just seems odd. It smacks of an inept agency desperately seeking some good PR in the aftermath of yet another embarrassing incident.


That Is Correct, Senator

If I were Neil Gorsuch, I’d say anything necessary to get on the court. People might hate you later, but they can’t remove you from the bench.

Imagine if you were interviewing for a regular job where, once hired, you had the job until you died. You would say what people wanted to hear. College professors do it all the time. They know who their friends are, and they play their enemies, and then, once they get tenure, they do a total about face and no one can say a damn word!


Sorry, Big Bird

There’s no need for PBS to get federal dollars when no other station does. Other stations have just as much E/I (education/entertainment) content as PBS does. And now PBS is showing ads. Not just sponsor mentions, but full-blown ads. Ridiculous! Cut the funding and let their “members like you” foot the bill. If that doesn’t work, let them fail. PBS has had a free ride for far too long as it is.


Census Confusion

People of Middle Eastern descent are Caucasian. There should be no confusion on which box to check while filling out a Census or any other form. Case closed!


All Lives Matter?

I’m so tired of news reports telling me how many Americans died in an attack, plane crash, etc. What difference does it make? I feel bad for all victims and their families, not just the ones from this country! No one’s life is more important than the next person’s, not even the President. All lives matter means all lives matter.


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