27 Mar

Democrats could easily win in 2020, but only if they put up a moderate candidate — someone the “average” Dem can relate to.

That means they’ll have to steer clear of any far left-wing nuts, and it’s also advisable to stay away from past failed candidates. Hillary, for obvious reasons, but also Bernie, who enraged most of his previously loyal fan base by bowing to the Queen.


Second Chance

Voters tend to be forgiving, but only if candidates show they’re not only willing to compromise, but have learned from the mistakes of the past.

The oft-repeated fact remains that most anybody could have beaten Trump. Bernie could have done it with his hands tied behind his back. Even O’Malley could have done it! But the party elite were so bent on nominating the one person who was so passionately hated by voters across the political spectrum, and that proved to be their Waterloo.

Eyes on the Prize

Obama probably wouldn’t have been elected in 2008 had a large swath of the country not been fed up with the failed Bush policies of the prior decade. Trump would not have been elected in 2016 had Democrats put up an even halfway-sane individual to lead their charge.

So, a smart Democratic strategist will understand that a country desperate for real change demands and deserves a candidate with new thinking and new methodology.

The 2020 election is yours to lose, Dems. Don’t mess it up again.

by Paula Postolpokij
Gaseoustania Tonight


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