Feedback Friday

Complacent Much

I’m so tired of this pandering. When one terrorist attack happens, people say it’s a ‘lone wolf.’ Five in less than two months is just ‘concerning.’ Dozens over the course of the past 10 years and — whether out of fear or actual support — no one condemns the behavior, says that’s a trend that has to be stopped. Don’t keep pretending that we’re not at war with these maniacs!


Homeless Lives Matter

To the dirtbag who was talking about homeless. You are going to pay no matter what. If people lose their jobs and homes and have to go on welfare, you’ll pay. Even if someone gets a good job and house, your property taxes will go up. You will pay no matter what, so stfu.


Political Pandering

Since when did we let the NCAA make our laws? Because some transgender, mentally-ill player or team owner thinks it’s somehow okay to put the lives of thousands of kids in danger, we have to change all the laws? Bullshit.

This sets a dangerous precedent, where corporations can call the shots and change laws if there’s something they don’t like.


Keep It to Yourself

Suicide is selfish enough by itself, but to jump in front of a truck or train or to commit murder/suicide is even worse. If you’re really that sad and no one who’s tried to help has been successful, come to my house and I’ll put a bullet in your brain without blinking. Everybody’s happy.


Welcome to the Jungle

People in Portland, Oregon must be out of their goddam minds. A program there wants to put homeless people in residents’ backyards. I guarantee you, within six months, these crazies will attack your kids and pets and leave a huge mess.

They’ll spy on you all day, and when they make problems for your neighbors, you’ll be held responsible. They have nothing to lose!

You can keep Portland weird, and keep Portland’s insane ideas out of the rest of the country!!


Can’t Have It Both Ways

U.S. expats should not be able to vote. I’m not talking about military personnel serving overseas. But for people who have left for a job or plain desire, the business of this country has no bearing on their daily lives. Stay out of it.


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