Feedback Friday

Signs of the Times

So kids’ shows now have autistic and clearly gay characters, but we still can’t show anyone with tattoos or facial hair, as if kids don’t see this on a regular basis. Broadcasters need to get off their high horses. If you want to show a “real reflection” of society, don’t just pander to one group, but actually show what’s going on in real life.


Service with a Smile

We need to take care of our veterans, sure, but also remember that they voluntarily signed up, and that most troops don’t see battle. It’s not a free ride for the rest of your life. If you were injured in battle, yes, you deserve and will get my thanks. But some punk who did his four years and then got out is not entitled to all the perks, and will get zero respect from me.


Equal Opportunity

If we make special rules for LGBT workers, we have to make them for other groups, as well. It’s a slippery slope. Now companies will have to hire the black man because they know he’ll sue if they don’t. The most qualified person for the job will no longer be a factor.



The solution to this transgender bathroom bullshit is to make every place a one-person room, like we all had in kindergarten. But I’m sure the God-damn trannies would find something to complain about that, too!


Fall in Line

HOAs are there to prevent people from parking on the lawn, leaving their trash cans out all week, pissing off others with backyard chickens, etc. Most people are dirtbags and will just take over without rules. Even with rules people are one small step away from savages.


Lay Off Portland

In response to the insular person angry about Portland’s new program to offer a hands up to the homeless, in a phrase: suck it. You obviously have no compassion or empathy for anyone. If you come to Portland and need a hand up, you will still get it from the kind-hearted, salt-of-the-earth people here, regardless of how hateful you may be.


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