Not So Friendly Skies

When no one volunteered to give up their seat on an overbooked United Airlines flight, the crew used a computer program to randomly depose four passengers.

One of them — a man who claimed he’s a doctor with a Tuesday procedure to perform — refused to leave when asked, and that’s when Chicago police officers were called in. The man is seen on a video kicking and screaming as officers physically removed him from the flight. Now, Gaseoustania Tonight readers are reacting to the incident:

Stand Your Ground

The guy did the right thing. He paid for a seat. It’s not his fault that they overbooked. If you pre-paid for a fancy dinner, say, and then you show up and they say “Sorry, you’re going hungry tonight, but you still have to pay,” you’re damn right you’d be pissed. I hope he sues the pants off of them! People start to take their power back from the greedy airlines.

Nothing to See Here

All airlines overbook flights. It’s not right, it’s not fair, but it’s a fact.

What they should have done when they didn’t get any volunteers (no one ever volunteers) is stop people from boarding the plane. If you get a seat, you’re flying. If not, sorry, but you won’t be getting on the plane. And if they needed seats for an employee, they should not have let this guy get on the plane in the first place. It’s as simple as that!

The ‘first come, first served’ method has worked for years.

Apathetic Public

Frankly, I was disgusted to witness none of those other passengers did a damn thing. Sure, you can hear some people yelling and protesting, but no one stood up and even tried to defend the man. Sickening. All of those other passengers are at least partly to blame for what happened.

Catch 22

If you read the comments on that video, a lot of people are attacking the other passengers for “not doing anything” or coming to this guy’s aid. What in hell were they supposed to do? Anyone who tried to intervene would have been arrested.

The only other option would have been for them to just get off the plane in protest, but they’d only be hurting themselves since they wouldn’t get a refund. People do care, but not if it means they’re going to get arrested or manhandled.

The Power of Twitter

Boy, do I have some tweets for @United!

1) I’m flying to Florida in October. Will your policy on beating passengers be updated by then?

2) “Come fly the customer assault skies.”

3) We’ll break your arm before even leaving the terminal.

4) Is getting dragged off a flight kicking and screaming an upcharge? Or is it complimentary?


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