Feedback Friday

Get Over It

Who cares about disappearing rest stops?! People want a safe, well-lit, one-stop-shop, where they can fuel up, get something to eat, take a whazz, and maybe catch a nap. Plus, current rest stops are a great place to get killed or gay-raped. Good riddance!


Idle Talk

Everybody always says they’re going to “vote them out of office,” when a politician does something they don’t like, but no one ever does. I guarantee you Trump will be elected for a second term, even after he’s already broken all his campaign promises. People have no long-term memory!


Separate, But Equal

If you really want to stop Title IX violations and overall sexism, it’s time to separate genders. Let’s create a women’s army and men’s army, women’s college and men’s college, women’s workplaces and men’s workplaces. It’s the only way.



Overbooking flights is not right, but if the airlines start to lose money, they’ll pass the difference along to the consumers. In the case of United, though, the vouchers they were offering ($800) were more than what it would have cost to put their four employees on another flight, but a lot less than the millions they’ll be paying out now!

Overbooking will never end, and in some ways does make fiscal sense. What doesn’t make sense, and what does need to end, though, is disastrous PR responses to the company’s own mistakes.


All for Show

Everyone says they’re going to boycott some company or another, but then when some other PR disaster happens to a different company, they forget all about it.

Case in point: just take a look at how many people are lined up to give their cash to BP, Hobby Lobby, Papa John’s, and on and on. I guarantee you that people are going to forget all about this United flap in a few weeks.


Show Me the Money

Boycott United? Not so fast. I go with the lowest price. I could give a shit what you did in the past, who you have financial connections with, what your moral high grounds are, etc., etc. As long as you’re the lowest price, you and I will be friends. Once you raise the price, I’ll find someone else to give it to me cheaper. It’s the Walmart way, and it’s the only way I do business.


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