Gold Skies

Now that we know that airlines are prepared to dole out real cash for passengers who need to be “re-accommodated,” no one is going to leave until they get very close to that figure. And who’s going to pay for all that ‘compensation?’

I figure airlines will either raise ticket prices and add fees to make up for it or count on people’s love of gambling. In the case of the latter, passengers would have to strike before someone else does. They’d have to know their “selling point.”

On the plus side, I guess at least now there’s a good chance that someone else will volunteer before they start beating the living daylights out of random people and having to deal with the aftermath.

You know someone is going to blink at $2K or less, and then the problem is solved for everyone, and we can all hopefully get to where we’re going without incident.

by Ann Peters
Gaseoustania Tonight


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