Feedback Friday

Cruel and Unusual

It’s just a shame that POS killed himself. I would have loved for him to become target practice for the police. At the least, they should throw his body in the dumpster and let the animals eat him like the piece of trash he is. Screw that guy!! I hope his family gets harassed for the rest of their lives. Losers, the lot of ‘em!!


I Voted

No way in hell should the voting age be lowered to 17. This is nothing more but another crackpot scheme from the commie liberals of ‘fruits and nuts’ California to advance their tree-hugging, anti-American ideals.


Crazy Like a Fox

The old guy who finally got caught for deserting the military is a definite dirtbag, but he’s not as dumb as he looks. Thirty days in the clink is no big deal, but had he turned himself in at age 30 (instead of being caught at 75), he’d have a criminal record which would have affected his whole life (jobs, etc.). What’s 30 days to a retired dude? The jail food is probably better than his old folks’ home canteen, anyway.


Free Work

Child acting is child labor. Sure, they are making legit money, but the parents have control over it until they reach the age of 18. It’s like an interest-free loan. Most of the time, the parents of child actors are living vicariously through their kids, or otherwise trying to exploit them for money. Sure, the kids will say they love it, but they haven’t been exposed to any other field or focus.


No Free Lunch

Why should I have to pay into a fund so you can take extended maternity leave?! Let’s not forget that that having kids remains a choice. If you CHOOSE to pop out a rugrat, find a way to pay for it. Don’t look to the company or the taxpayers to float you until you feel like coming back to work.


Not OK Computer

Here’s the thing. In my car, I can drive straight to my destination. Until some ‘autonomous vehicle’ can do that, they’ll never move forward. Also, no one is going to voluntarily give up their car to ride the bus or train, when they have to find a secondary route (walk, skateboard, taxi) to their final destination some other way.


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