Shut it Down

President Trump has come under fire (again) for suggesting that the U.S. ‘needs a good shutdown.’ The remarks follow Trump’s now-trademarked brand on uninformed, knee-jerk reaction, but he’s not entirely on the wrong track.

What Shutdown?

Shutdowns are no big deal for the average Joe. We’ve been through plenty of them in the past few years, and most people went largely unaffected. Yes, government employees may have had to tighten the belt for a few months, but aside from that, shutdowns have had little impact on the lives of the average American.

Show Me the Money

In fact, it may be a good thing, as Trump suggests, to force a government shutdown, and perhaps keep it that way. Charge admission to visit the national historic sites and state parks, make inept and struggling agencies step up their act or close their doors, and (bonus!) stop the wanton and wasteful Federal spending! Let’s pack it up and pack it in, people!

by Peter Bravestrong
Gaseoustania Tonight


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