‘Til Death

The U.S. state of Arkansas has recently been in the news for lawmakers’ decision to kill several death row inmates before a drug used in the executions expired. The move has re-sparked an already heated debate about the death penalty and the way prisoners are treated in this country.

Not Working

The death penalty should certainly be abolished. Not because of “cruel and unusual punishment” reasons, but rather because it has worn out its use as a viable punishment. The measure:

  • is no deterrent to violent crime
  • doesn’t bring closure to victim’s families
  • takes decades to carry out

Wasted Days, Wasted Nights

All of the above says nothing about the fact that the drugs used in lethal injection — the most common method of execution in the U.S. — are hugely expensive and just getting more costly. It really is cheaper to keep someone in prison for life.

To that end, prison life sucks. Forget what you see on TV and in the movies. The mental toll alone is worth a hundred death sentences. Were my friend or family member (God forbid!) the victim of a violent crime that resulted in their death, I’d want nothing less for the killer than to rot in prison — waking each morning with the knowledge that the only way they’ll ever get out of that hell-hole is in a body bag.

by Frank Calling
News Editor
Gaseoustania Tonight


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