Feedback Friday

Flip Flop

No president ever gets exactly what they want. Compromise is always necessary. But Trump’s 100% reversal on nearly every one of his campaign promises is at the least concerning, and will almost certainly alienate first time and “casual” voters from ever heading to the polls again.


A Case of Semantics?

A criminal is a criminal. I don’t care if you stole a candy bar from a store, committed armed robbery, or are an illegal immigrant. You’re a lawbreaker. There should be no sympathy for criminals, just because they’ve “been here for 10 years without incident.” Well, except the ‘incident’ when they decided to break the law!

And before any putz writes in, yeah, I’ve broken the law, too. I got a speeding ticket just a few months ago. But you know what I did? I paid it off, and now I don’t speed. I can’t afford it.

So for all the illegal assholes, if you can’t take getting torn away from your family in the middle of the night, try not breaking the law in the first place! I hope every single one of you leeches gets deported.


Clinton 2020

Hillary Clinton says 2016 was “my last race.” Hilarious! If you actually think she won’t be front-and-center for the 2020 election, you’ve got to be out of your mind. This hag will run (and lose) until the day she dies.


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