Stone Cold Crazy

There’s this survey thing going around Facebook, asking people if they’d vote for Trump in 2020. You’ve got to be mentally ill if you do!


Rock and Hard Place

I can almost (almost) understand people voting for him in 2016. I was less than enthused about Hillary myself. But unless the Dems put her up again (which — despite what she says — I’m still not convinced is completely out of the question), I can’t see any good reason to vote for Trump again. I’d vote for Pence before I’d vote for Trump. And I’d only vote for Pence with a gun to my head.

Blind to the Truth

All of these Trumpeteers who keep singing his praises must not watch the news to see that he’s done a complete 180 on every single campaign promise. And as far as that “drain the swamp” thing goes? He’s stocked the swamp chock full of predators for years to come!

Look, I’m not telling anyone who to vote for, and if Hillary is on the ballot again, I’ll probably have to sit it out again (which I don’t like to do), but unless The Donald has some life-changing experience overseas that makes him finally see the light, we just can’t hand him any more time to screw up this country.

by Paula Postolpokij
Gaseoustania Tonight


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