Feedback Friday

26 May

Beat Goes On

ISIS is being pushed out of Middle East, so they’re looking to Europe. Pussy states like Germany, France, and others are making it easy for terror cells to survive and thrive. The attacks will continue, so long as these out-of-touch lawmakers keep turning a blind eye to the common thread, and keep refusing to crack down on these radicals.


Equal Opportunity?

I’m so tired of women claiming sexual harassment if they don’t get their way. I’m not talking about actual harassment. That’s wrong. I mean claiming that something happened just because you didn’t get a raise or something. If you’re so unhappy at your job, quit! It’s as simple as that. But these skanks know they’re going to get a payout if they play they harassment card, so they keep doing it.


Get a Clue

‘Fresh’ ideas are one thing, but we need to stop electing people that have absolutely no military or political experience. It’s like hiring an intern to be the new CEO. The Presidency is not on the job training. Everyone suffers from his or her “rookie mistakes.”


Pipe Dream

Some people are saying cheap gas is here to stay. To those people I say: keep dreaming. Trump just met with Saudi Arabia — a country that makes most of its money from oil. Get ready to see gas prices skyrocket to appease those foreign assholes. Just like always.



Parents of kids with autism always want to diagnose everyone with autism. I don’t know if that’s because they’re more sensitive to the signs, are desperate to find others like their child, or any other reason. Irregardless, it’s annoying.


Breakin’ the Law

There’s no argument you can give supporting illegal immigrants that doesn’t also support breaking the law. Not being a “dreamer,” not ‘sanctuary,’ nothing. If you want to live in this country, you need to become a citizen or get resident alien status. Otherwise, you are a lawless  thug, and you should be treated as such.


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